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Monday, June 2, 2014

How to Store Juice

 Happy Monday and Happy June! It officially feels like summer.. Woo Hoo! 

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is... "How long can I store my juice?"  Making fresh juice can be extremely time consuming and tedious (especially in the beginning... it gets better the more you do it, I promise) ...  If you are anything like me (busy busy busy) going thru the juicing process everyday is pretty much out of the question.  I simply just don't have the time for it, which is why making juice in advance is a must! 

If you do some research online you will almost always read that the beneficial nutrients in juice are dissipated after just a few hours and that juice is best when consumed within the first 24 hours.  While this is true... juice does in fact have the most nutrient value within the first day, you can still drink juice after the first 24 hours and get some of the benefits... you just have to store it the proper way!

Tips for Longer Lasting Juice 

  1. NEVER leave juice unopened (i.e in a cup with no lid)  The more air that hits the juice, the more the nutrient value drops. You should never allow your juice to become warm. 
  2. Never leave at room temperature.  Juice stays fresh longer when cold.  I just recently bought an Igloo cooler back pack that I take with me EVERYWHERE.  I have re-freezable ice cubes that I throw in my backpack every morning along with jars of juice and I take that baby with me in the car, to work, to the gym... literally everywhere.  It keeps my juice ice cold and it helps me stay on track with eating healthy all day.

  3. Pour juice you don't plan on drinking right away in an airtight sealed container.  I like to use Mason Jars for several different reasons.  They are the best airtight sealed jars I've used, they are portable, easy to clean, and I have yet to break one... which is pretty amazing for me.  I have dropped one on concrete and it didn't break.. pretty impressive if you ask me! 
  4.  Add extra lemon juice to preserve juice.  
  5. Place your produce in the fridge.  Using fruit that is already cold will significantly help keep your juice fresh for a longer time period.  
  6. Freeze your juice for long term storage.  If you know that you aren't going to be drinking the juice you made for several days, you can freeze it and it will stay good until you are ready to defrost it.  You can also do this so your juice will stay cold throughout the day, usually by lunch time your juice will be ready to drink.


When your juice starts to change in color, smell, and taste... It's starting to go bad! I have personally stored juice up to 5 days and have not had any problems.  With that being said, a lot of juicing is trial and error.  Watermelon for example goes bad within a day and I have never been able to drink it after the first 12 hours.  So just be cautious when storing juice! 

With this week being the 1st week of June I just wanted to encourage you all to make the most out of your summer!  Make it your healthiest summer yet... You deserve to have the body you've always dreamed of! I know earlier I talked about being busy which most of us are but your first appointment of the day should always be with yourself.  It takes 4 weeks for you to start seeing changes in your body, it takes 8 weeks for friends and family to start seeing changes, and it takes 12 weeks for the rest of the world.  Once you start seeing results it  becomes an addiction! 

I received these pictures last week from two people who have started juicing since I started my blog and was completely inspired!  I am so glad that I can be a small part of other people's journey!

And here's a little transformation picture of my own! 

Have a blessed week everyone! Much love to you all! If you post a picture of your juice, tag me! I love seeing all the photos!



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