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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Inspiring Women

As we celebrate women this week, I wanted to share a few of my favorite accounts to follow on social media!  My favorite accounts just so happen to be a list of boss babes!   Social media is a powerful tool.  Speaking personally, I scroll Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat constantly.  I’m a firm believer that your thoughts control everything you do in life, therefore I want my feed to be filled with as much positivity and inspiration as possible.  Not only are these beautiful women both ambitious and empowering, they also happen to be my biggest inspiration!

Lauren Schwab    
Lauren owns a gym in Venice California called F45.  She’s a personal trainer, fitness enthusiast, blogger, and the most inspirational person I’ve ever met.  If you don’t believe me, check out her “Just the Tip Tuesday” posts!  Lauren radiates positivity and is always encouraging others (including myself) to live their best life.  Not to mention, Lauren is STUNNING and she has a rockin’ hot bod that will make you want to hit the gym!  Lauren and I met on Catching Kelce and this girl quickly became one of my very best friends. I love her soul, I love her attitude, and I just love her!  Follow her on social media, you won’t be disappointed.

Instagram: @_laurenschwab

Kimberly Snyder
Kimberly Snyder is a celebrity nutritionist that believes in all-natural, healthy, and balanced eating.  I’ve read all of her books, watched every video, and read almost every blog! I love this woman and what she stands for.  Kimberly’s posts are always informative and inspiring!  On a side note… if you’re ever interested in ordering a cleanse, go to her store, Glow Bio!  You can order online.  Her juice and smoothie cleanse is heavenly!

Instagram: @_kimberlysnyder

Alanna Garcia
Alanna is a makeup artist in the Albuquerque area.  She is incredibly talented and she is always doing creative photoshoots.  Inspiration flows from her social media accounts!  Alanna gives a lot of tips and always shares the products she uses.  She also does some fun giveaways!  One thing I adore about this girl is that it’s all about women supporting other women.  From day one, this has always been her biggest platform.  In a cut throat industry, to remain that grounded and humble is a rarity!

Instagram: @bettyrosebyalanna

Nia Sanchez 
Nia was Miss USA and 1st runner up at Miss Universe.  I’ve had a lot of favorite Miss USA’s, however Nia is my all-time favorite!  Nia is the epitome of the saying “she’s just as beautiful on the inside, as she is on the outside” Obviously she’s drop. dead. gorgeous.  but she’s also so genuine and down to earth.  Nia isn’t afraid to be unapologetically herself and that’s something I admire about her.  Her Instagram is exciting with all of the traveling she does, and her and her husband are total #RelationshipGoals   
Instagram: @realniasanchez

Brittany Viklund 
Brittany Viklund was Miss New Mexico USA 2011.  She’s my all-time fave!  I have been following Britanny’s journey for years… maybe even a decade at this point!  She was one of the most inspirational title holders to ever grace the Miss USA stage.  She put her heart into every little detail of everything she did.  To this day, she continues to light up with the world in all that she does.  One of the things I admire most about Brittany is how creative she is! Her Instagram feed speaks for itself, but her artwork is simply stunning.  She’s a watercolor wiz and illustrator extraordinaire!

Instagram: @brittanyviklund

Lorna Jane
Lorna Jane is the founder of Lorna Jane Activewear.  I fell in love with her activewear line awhile ago because her clothing is so cute and being that I live in workout attire 90% of the time, I like wearing easy transition pieces.  However, the more I learned about the brand and what Lorna Jane Activewear stood for, the more I started to really admire Lorna Jane.  I’ve now read all of her book and I am huge believer in the message she is sending out to the world.  If you are looking for some inspo, check out her social media! You will surely fall in love with this Australian babe!

Instagram: @ljclarkson 

Jessie James Decker 
What’s there not to love about this bombshell?  She’s stunning, talented, ambitious, has a super-hot husband, adorable kids, AND she’s the most down to earth person.  She constantly makes me LOL!

Instagram: @jessiejamesdecker

There's inspiration all around us but remember to always be uniquely you because that's when you #SparkleFromTheInsideOut