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Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Challenge – Start Simple – The Key is Consistency

February Challenge
-Start Simple-
The Key is Consistency

Adding a pop of color to your life never hurts

Many of you have sent me messages saying you’ve tried to complete a juice cleanse, but you can’t make it through the end of the day without getting hungry & eating solid food.  If you are thinking to yourself, “yep… that’s me!” Don’t worry… you are not alone! My best advise to you is to start slow!  Here is a challenge for the month of February.  I have designed 3 phases, all of which are extremely beneficial.  You can start at phase one and stay there for the entire month OR you can graduate from phase to phase throughout the month.

Phase One:   Drink 1 fresh or cold pressed juice (16 ounces or more) first thing in the morning, throughout the entire month

Phase Two:  Drink 1 fresh or cold pressed juice (16 ounces or more) first thing in the morning & then another one for your mid-morning snack, throughout the entire month

Phase Three:  Drink 1 fresh or cold pressed juice (16 ounces or more) first thing in the morning, a 2nd one for your mid-morning snack, and then a 3rd one for either lunch or your afternoon snack, throughout the entire month

Graduating from phase to phase:  Spend a week at level one, the next week at level two, and the next week at level three.  

At the end of each week, express some gratitude & appreciation for your accomplishment.  You are doing amazing things for body that should be celebrated!  Sometimes it can even be helpful to add a reward or consequence.  If you complete level one, reward yourself at the end of the week with a new shirt or a manicure.   If you mess up, your consequence might be that you are not allowed on social media for 3 days. (that's always my personal consequence!)

Speaking of messing up… If you do happen to fall off track one day, don’t beat yourself up.  We are human and we all make mistakes!  Don’t let one little tiny moment of weakness ruin your challenge for the entire month.  Brush it off and remember that each day is a NEW day.  Get right back on track the following day and keep reaching for your goals!  

If you have a juice extractor and plan to make your own fresh juice, the easiest way is to buy produce in bulk, juice 3-4 days at a time & store in mason jars.

If you don’t own a juice extractor, you can purchase cold pressed juices at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, or Squeezed Juice Bar.  You can also purchase freshly extracted juice at both Squeezed or Juice It Up.   Keva Juice has a few selections of freshly extracted juice, however keep in mind that if you order one with orange juice, they buy their orange juice from Odwalla & it’s not freshly extracted.  

As for the rest of your meals and snacks, try to stay as healthy as possible, but remember...BABY STEPS.   Your goal this month is to create a new healthy habit.   Don’t overwhelm yourself with so many diet restrictions and workout schedules that you quit a few days into your challenge.  And if you fall off track for a day, it’s not a reason to give up for the remainder of the month.  Be aware & make the right choices!
Your health is your most prized possession!  Take the actions you need to take to create the results you want. 

Summer Bodies are Made in the Winter 
The summer will be here before we know it! Just reminder that summer is only 3 months away. Don't spend this summer wishing you had started today! Be healthy and take care of your body and there never will be a "bikini season" 

I would love to see your photos and progress! Please tag me in any photos and use the hashtag  #sparklingfromtheinsideout 

Thanks for reading this week! Hope you enjoyed it :)