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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Tips to get through 75 Hard

 Tips to get through 75 Hard 

Although I haven't completed the program yet, there are few tips and tricks I've learned thus far to help me get through the daily tasks of the #75Hard challenge. 

In case you don't know the rules of #75Hard, I'll share them below. You can also check out my previous blog post for more information.  

Okay so now you know the rules, lets discuss some ways that will make your life a little easier while doing the challenge. 

1. As SOON as you get out of bed, take your progress photo. 
This may sound silly, but if you've done any research on this challenge, you know that this task is the one almost everyone overlooks.  It sounds easy, so you put it off and before you know it the day slips away from you and you forget.  Don't let that be you! 

2. Start drinking your water as early as possible. 
Needless to say, you don't want to be up all night peeing.  The earlier you start, the better off you'll be.

 I would also highly recommend drinking room temperature water.  It's extremely difficult to chug ice cold water! Not only that, but when I was training for Miss USA, my trainer recommended that I start drinking room temperature water because ice cold water shocks your system (think of when you jump into an ice cold pool.. thats how your body feels) and it slows your metabolism down. 

3.  Attend a workout class for one of your 45 minute workouts. 
I know workout classes aren't for everyone, but in today's world there is such a wide array of classes you can choose from.  Whether it's yoga, spin, aerobics, crossfit, etc... pick anything you think you might be interested in and book a class.  The reason I recommend doing a class as one of your 45 min workouts is because once you book a class, you'll be even more obligated to go.  It's scheduled and your paying for it.  No backing out now! 

4.  Download the 75 Hard App and place it on your home screen. 
You can find the 75 Hard app in the app store! It does cost money... I want to say its $4.99 or somewhere around there, but it's SO worth it.  It's a GREAT accountability tool, you're able to track your progress, and if you place the app on your home screen it's a great daily reminder. 

5.  Develop a mantra. 
There are going be days that are tough.  Write down a few mantras that you can always come back to during the difficult moments.  

A few of mine are: 
Take it day by day. 
Wake up. Kick Ass. Be kind.
I'm doing this for me. 

6. Plan ahead. 
Meal prep whenever you can.  You never want to be in a situation where you can't stick to your diet.  This also goes for your workouts.  I travel for a living so planning out when and where I'll be able to workout is vital to my success.  I would recommend scheduling your workouts in your calendar or planner.  You might not always stick to your schedule exactly but at least you'll have an idea of what your day NEEDS to look like.  

7.  When your body feels tired, take the intensity out of your workouts. 
Some days your body is going to be tired.  I mean 75 days of two a days will do somethin' to ya.  When you feel tired, just go for a light walk or do yoga.  

8.  Purchase a gallon sized water bottle. 
I have one and I've been pouring my water from that water bottle into other glasses throughout the day.  It's much easier to keep track when you're pouring from one bottle rather than trying to add up how many glasses and ounces you've had.  

9.  Do your research. 
I read a lot of blogs, listened to the Real AF podcast, and did a lot of research before starting the challenge.  I wanted to be as prepared as possible.  You can learn so much from other peoples experiences!  For me personally, I think doing so set me up for success right away.  I knew the challenges other people faced, so I was able to plan and prepare accordingly.  

10.  Remember your WHY. 
There are going to days that tough.  You are going to be exhausted.  You might even want to give up, but in those moments you have to remember why you started.  Maybe you needed a change, wanted to lose some weight, wanted to become a better leader, or excel in your career.  You must always hold your why close to your heart!

Best of luck to anyone starting this journey! Hope this helped! 



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