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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Why I'm doing the 75 Hard Challenge

The 75 Hard Challenge 

You're probably wondering what #75Hard is, and why the heck am I doing this to myself. Well, I'm about to share ALL of that with you.  

On Sunday, September 20th, 2020 I decided to start the #75Hard Challenge which consists of

1. Follow a diet.  Zero cheat meals & No Alcohol for the full 75 days. 

2. Workout 2x per day for 45 minutes.  One workout must be outdoors. 

3. Drink a gallon of water per day. 

4. Read 10 pages of a non-fiction book. 

5.  Take a progress photo. 

Zero Compromise, Zero Substitutions. 

 If you fail at any one task, you must go back to day one.

Now, you may look at that list and think to yourself that sounds crazy- which it is! It's definitely not for everyone.  In fact, Andy Frisella the entrepreneur who started the #75Hard movement says that only 1% of people who start #75Hard will actually finish.  (ummm challenge accepted?!)

So, why on earth would I put myself through something like this?  Well, because I'm eager for change and growth in my life. I want to do something for myself, I want to prove to myself that I'm resilient, and most importantly I want to step into my power and develop mental toughness.  Competing for Miss New Mexico year after year, I always had a goal in front of me.  For almost a decade, I was focused on competition and becoming the best version of myself.  While it was nice taking a step back and focusing on some areas in life I had been neglecting, lately I've felt like I've been treading water.  I never want to remain complacent in any area of life.  My heart and soul light up when I have a goal and a vision in front of me.  Nothing feels better than keeping your word to yourself, working hard, and watching your dreams become reality. 

I know these next few months are going to be difficult.  There are going to be days when I don't want to workout outside or stick to the diet I've chosen. However, I know the lessons learned and the growth that will take place will absolutely be worth it. 

How I found out about #75Hard - it was fate! 

A few weeks ago I was reading Atomic Habits by James Clear.  I became obsessed with it.  The message behind the book was speaking straight to my soul.  The book divulges into behavior patterns and how they can work for us or against us.  I highly recommend it! Anyway, I was about halfway through the book when I got a text from my Aunt saying we should try this challenge and she sent over a podcast.  The podcast was called 75HARD: A Tactical Guide to Winning the War with Yourself.  I gave it a listen and it was like the stars aligned.  Here I was reading this book about building better habits and behavior change, and then BOOM! I'm sent a challenge about building better habits and becoming the best version of yourself.  I instantly knew it was something I wanted to do.  I picked a weekend and set my mind on starting September 20th, 2020.  

Who is Andy Frisella?

Any Frisella is the founder/CEO of 1st Phorm, hosts a podcast called REAL AF, and is a public speaker.  He also started the #75Hard movement... for FREE! 

Here are some of the many things he says you will get out of this program

I plan to blog throughout my journey over the next 75 days.  I'll share tips I find helpful to get through the 5 daily tasks & I'll share my progress.  I'm looking to forward sharing this journey with you! 



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