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Friday, January 16, 2015

My Skin Care Secrets

Happy Friday! I am excited to say that I am going to be expanding Sparkling From The Inside Out into a health AND beauty blog! It’s important to me that Sparkling From The Inside Out is constantly evolving and growing. I truly believe that when you feel good, you look good and when you look good, you feel good! Outer beauty starts on the inside, and I want my website to help everyone optimize their natural beauty.  My hope is that with Sparkling From The Inside Out, you will be able to become the very best version of yourself and be the very best YOU, you can possibly be! With that being said, stay tuned for a lot of fun and exciting beauty tips and tricks that not only I use, but also secret tricks that professional make up artists and hairstylists use as well! 

I am kicking off this new endeavor with my all-time favorite skin care products and secrets! 

#1 Face Wash: Obaji.  I have used this face wash for over 13 years.  I had chronic keratosis pilaris growing up so I had to start using face wash at a very young age.  I have tried a lot of different face washes over the years… Clinique, MAC, Neutrogena, Proactive, & Clean and Clear. I have pretty much tried everything at one point or another and I have always resorted back to this one.  I love everything about it but I especially love the way my skin feels after I use it.  I highly recommend this product and in my opinion it’s best to invest a good face wash over anything else.  (my mom has also used this skin care line for YEARS and has beautiful, young skin!) Click HERE for information on Obaji.

#2 Face Lotion: Neutrogena Oil-Free.  I have also used this product for several years.  I have experimented with several other products but I enjoy this one and it’s inexpensive.  You can find it at almost every drug and grocery store.  Neutrogena has a few of the same kind (oil-free) that has sunscreen in it, but I personally do not like those.  I can feel a difference between the ones that have sunscreen and the one that doesn’t, so be on the look out!   Obaji has a face lotion called Vitamin-C that I like a lot too, but it’s pricey and I personally don’t find it necessary to use.  If you are dealing with a chronic skin problem then you may want to check into the Obaji lotion.  Obaji has a fantastic skin care line.  

#3 Juice: drinking just one juice a day can improve your skin.  Your skin is a reflection of your health.  Our liver is detoxing our bodies 24/7.  With all of the chemicals, processed food, sugar, alcohol, pollution, and other junk we put into our bodies, our liver has to work that much harder to cleanse all of those toxic chemicals out.  When the liver is being over worked, it recruits the skin.  There are other reasons that cause skin problems however, adding more natural fruits and veggies into your daily diet can certainly help decrease those issues.  

Juicing has several detoxing and cleansing benefits, but one of the most beneficial things juicing does is clean out the liver.  By cleaning out the liver, you will be able to clean up your skin.  By drinking just one juice a day, you are able to remove some of the toxins built up inside your body.  Fruits and Veggies that help with skin are: Carrots, Pineapple, Kale, Beets, Celery,  Lemon, Apple, and Cucumber.  

Juicing is also very hydrating to your cells and internal organs which reflects positively on your skin.  

#4 Exfoliate:  I like to use these little exfoliating pads about once a week just to make sure I completely remove everything.  I don’t like to exfoliate frequently because it feels too harsh on my skin. I purchase these at target .

#5 Never workout with make up on:  When you sweat, your pores open up so you do not want make up going directly into your pores.  Working out with make up on can cause breakouts.  

#6  Never go to bed with a dirty face: No matter how tired you are at night, always wash your face before going to bed! Our bodies naturally detox every night and it is so important that your pores are clean and clear! 

#7 Zit Cream:  Since I started juicing, I can’t say that I have had one break out.  I haven’t touched my acne cream once in almost two years, but prior to juicing I would break out occasionally and I would use Kate Somerville’s acne cream.  You can purchase this as Sephora.  

#8 Keep it simple:  As much as I want to say that I have all these cool little tricks up my sleeve, the truth is, I don’t.  Since I started juicing, I have been able to keep it really simple when taking care of my skin.  I don’t use foundation… I only use loose powder.  I only do face masks when I randomly have to urge to do so and I don’t spend a lot of money on skin care products.  

As I mentioned earlier, outer beauty starts on the inside.  Rather than investing and spending a ton of money on skin care products, try to invest in what you are putting into your refrigerator and pantry.  Start making small changes, such as incorporating one juice a day into your diet.  Slowly but surely start to expand your intake of natural fruits and veggies and I promise that your body will start to follow! 


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