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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

5 Beauty Products I Love

5 Beauty Products I Love 
These are some of my all time favorite beauty products that I use daily!  For me, these products were game changers that became my essentials.  These are some of the very best beauty products on the market, in my opinion! I love them, I use them, and I recommend them!  

This stuff is the real deal.  I have naturally curly hair, so whenever I straighten my hair, I try to avoid as much damage as possible. I ALWAYS use Chi Silk Infusion when straightening my hair.  I have tried many other serums when styling my hair and this is by far my favorite.  This product protects your hair from heat damage AND makes your hair feel silky and look shiny.  I can notice a big difference whenever I straighten my hair without using it. I also like this serum because it’s thin… it doesn’t leave your hair with that greasy feeling, which a lot of other serums do. It's a little expensive, however one bottle lasts forever.  I usually only use a small amount (dime size) before blow drying and then another small amount before flat ironing or curling.  

I use to think that eye shadow primer wasn’t necessary until I tried Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion.  I love this primer because it makes your eye shadow last all day and night.  This product does a fantastic job of keeping your makeup in place!  Your eye shadow will not crease, budge, or fade! This primer has the best balance when it comes to texture.  It’s creamy, and easy to apply without being too creamy.  It’s easy to blend and a little bit goes a long way.  One tube lasts about a year with daily use! 

There are four different “potions” I prefer the Eden because it’s a matte primer.  The others have shimmer in them.   

I don’t like to re-apply makeup throughout the day so these babies are my saving grace.  Each pack comes with 50 sheets that you can blot your face with, removing the oil but not removing your makeup!  I have pretty oily skin, so I keep a pack of these in my purse and use them throughout the day.  I really dislike re-applying make up on an already dirty face, I think it’s harmful to the skin.  When I can do something to avoid a breakout, I take advantage of it! Love these things… I have been using them for years.  

 I looovveeee this mascara! It’s the best mascara on the market.  I have used several other name brand mascaras from expensive make up stores and I ALWAYS come back to this mascara.  The brush is perfect, very easy to apply.  I like the carbon black because it’s very black, giving your eye lashes a dramatic look.  It doesn’t flake, it comes off easily, it's not too thin or thick. I feel like it adds volume, length, doesn’t clump, and applies evenly! It’s just a really good mascara!  Whenever I go on modeling jobs, I check out the makeup artists collection of makeup and this specific mascara is used by almost all make up artists.   

I received this as a gift years ago and have continued to purchase it ever since! I love this stuff… I don’t use it daily but I do use it a lot.  I love to dust myself in it for a little extra glow.  I feel like it gives my skin a pretty, sun kissed look! I usually sweep it on my chest, shoulders, arms and legs depending on what I’m wearing.  

I hope your week is off to a fabulous start and that you enjoyed this blog! 
I am very excited to share more of my beauty tips and tricks with you all!