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Monday, September 29, 2014

17 Benefits of Juicing

17 Benefits of Juicing

 Hello Everyone! As we approach a new month I thought I would share some of the most important benefits of juicing.  I am coming up on my one year anniversary of being an avid juicer (Yay!)  So… why not share some of what I’ve learned this past year!  The holidays will soon be upon us and it’s no lie that set backs are defeating… so beat them! This Wednesday (October 1st) is the perfect opportunity to start fresh and head into the holiday season with confidence that you will start your new year without feeling like you need to start over.  Who says that January 1st has to be the only day we make resolutions?! The truth is.. it doesn't! We only have 3 months left of 2014, lets make them count! End 2014 with a bang! 

  1. Raw juices help remove chemicals that we store in our bodies.
  2. It helps cleanse out bacteria.
  3. Cleanses your blood.
  4. Juicing gives your digestive system a break & lord knows we can all use one of those!
  5. It allows you to add a wider variety of vegetables in your diet. You would not sit down and eat two apples, 1 cucumber, 3 celery stalks, and inch of ginger, a lemon, and 2 cups of kale. 
  6. Juicing not only promotes but it also jump starts weight loss. Juicing rids your body of excess weight. It can provide a way to reach a dramatic weight loss goal.  
  7. Increases energy.  When you start to add rich nutrients into your body you wont feel so tired and sluggish.
  8. Helps boost your immune system.
  9. It can help you ease into a healthier lifestyle.
  10. Our bodies require a certain amount of nutrients from fruits and vegetables.  Juicing not only provides us a way to get those vegetables down but the juice is immediately absorbed into our blood stream making those nutrients we are consuming, more efficient. 
  11. Can assist in helping you de-bloat naturally. 
  12. Curbs appetite.  Yep, you heard me! All of the nutrients that are filled in one glass of juice make you feel full!
  13. Juicing is great for your skin, hair, and nails.
  14. Mental alertness and happiness.  Juicing improves blood circulation therefore it transports oxygen into the brain and body keeping you from hitting that 3 o'clock feeling.
  15. Full of antioxidants!
  16.  Keeps your cells hydrated.  Juicing replenishes nutrient rich fluid back into our bodies. 
  17. Juicing truly is a Fat Flusher.

 Green Drinks are Not For Me!

If you are the kind of person who looks at a green drink and thinks to yourself that you would never be “into that” I highly recommend just TRYING it out.  I personally hate vegetables.  I wish that wasn’t the case, but unfortunately it is.  There is something so magical about being able to blend up broccoli, spinach, kale, celery, cucumber etc. toss in some apples, oranges, strawberries and have them mask the nasty taste of the green! Juicing is all about finding the right combinations of different fruits and vegetables that work for you!

Quick Green Juice Recipes: 

Mean Green 
2 Medium Apples 
4 Celery Stalks 
1 Cucumber 
1 inch of Ginger Root 
6 Kale Leaves 
1 Lemon 

Green Lemonade 
3 cups of spinach 
1 lemon 
1 cucumber
1 pear 
1 gala apple 

2 Apple 
1 Cucumber 
1 cup of Kale 
2 Stalks of Celery 
1 Lemon 
Dandelion Greens 

Green Mary Cocktail 
1 Apple 
1 Cucumber 
3 Carrot 
1 Green Pepper 
1 Tomato 
1 cup of Grapes
1 cups of Spinach

Tropical Green 
1 Pineapple 
1 Cup of Kale 
2 Oranges
1 inch of Ginger 


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