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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Top 5 Rules of A Cheat Meal

Oh The Glorious Cheat Meals We All Love! 

We LOVE our cheat meals, there's no doubt about that...Until we step on the scale Sunday morning and realize we gained everything back that we had worked so hard to lose, right?  Carefree weekends can easily destroy a weeks worth of hard work and lets face it, nothing makes us feel more defeated than gaining back weight that we lost.  

So here are the Top 5 Rules of a Cheat Meal: 

1. No Guilt.  Enjoy every single minute of it.  If you allow yourself to feel guilty, you are missing the point.
2.  Plan Your Cheat Meal Place In advance.  Spur of the moment decision could lead to over indulgence. Do not wait until the last minute to pick where you are going to go out to eat.  (But lets be honest, we have our cheat meals planned to a T by Monday afternoon haha)
3.  Don't Forget Everything You Know About PORTION CONTROL.  A cheat meal should be treated as a small indulgence,  it's not a license to binge.  
4.  Limit Your Cheat Meals.  This varies on personal goals but for those just trying to maintain weight, you should not have more than two cheat meals a week.  If you are trying to lose weight, you should only have one cheat meal a week.  
5.  Move On.  Say addios to the calorie and carb consumption you just took in.  HOWEVER, Don't allow a cheat meal to be a trigger to more bad eating.  Do it, love every second of it, and move on.  

Happy Weekend Eating To You All! ;) 

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