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Monday, April 28, 2014

How to Avoid Cheating pt. 1

How To Avoid Cheating -Part 1

The two most important things we can do to stay on track with our diet are to PLAN & PREP.  Did you know that almost all “diets” work?  But only if we stay on them… which is the hardest part for everybody!  The only way to avoid falling off the wagon is to constantly stay prepared, never allow yourself to be confused about what you are eating, and having a healthy snack around you AT ALL TIMES because inevitably there will come a time when you need something ASAP and it’s in these moments of weakness where we usually give in and reach for something we end up regretting later on.  Ditch the fast food, packaged food, and over processed foods! 

 One of the best ways to always stay prepared is to keep a “snack pack” in your car at all times.  I keep my snack pack stocked with a bunch of clean snacks that I wont feel guilty eating.  I started doing this because:

1.     Almost weekly, there would be a day that I ended up not packing my lunch, forgetting to pack snacks, or I would be out and about longer than expected etc. 
2.     I typically always have access to my car, so it’s a great place to keep some healthy snacks.
3.     I like to save my cheats for the weekend when I actually have plans to eat out. 

(This list can also double as a road trip packing list and it is Paleo friendly)

1.     Lara Bars (avoid the ones with chocolate chips when storing in your car)
2.     Mixed Nuts
3.     Unsweetened Dried Fruit/ Freeze dried fruit
4.     Clean Turkey Jerky or Beef Jerky (Grass Fed, Minimal Ingredients)
5.     Nut Thins
6.     Almond Butter
7.     Water Bottle 

 I like these Coconut chips a lot but I don't always keep them in my car!

If at any time you do end up stopping for food, here are a few things to always remember.

1.     Be Picky
2.     Drink a lot of water.  A lot of the time when we think we’re hungry we are actually dehydrated. 
3.     Move on.  Every now and then we all have to do it!

Ashley Nicole 

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