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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Eat This, Not That! (part 1)

This week, I wanted to share a few of my go-to diet hacks with you!  But first, I want to talk just briefly about “dieting” 

 It’s so important to remember first and foremost that with everything in life, BALANCE IS KEY.  This is especially important to remember when developing new eating habits. If you’re anything like me and love your sweets, fried food, extra cheese on everything please! … Let me just say that I understand your struggle!  Making small changes and enjoying the journey  is the only way to get long lasting results.

There are so many healthy alternatives out there today and I am so excited to share them with you all! Many of these items are now staples in my diet.  I didn’t make all of these changes overnight… it took a lot of time but it has been rewarding both physically and mentally.  I feel better, I’ve been able to maintain my weight loss and I attribute so much of that to making the changes below. Along with lots of juicing of course :)  Here is my special edition of “Eat This, Not That”  

Ezekiel VS. Whole Wheat 

Most people know that wheat bread is better than white bread.  There is a big difference between Sprouted Grain (Ezekiel Bread) Whole Wheat and White Bread.  Contrary to poplar belief, whole wheat isn't much better than white bread.  When you eat bread that is made with refined flour (which is most bread) your body processes it quickly like a sugar which throws off your blood sugar levels.  This causes a lot of people to gain weight and bloat.  Most whole wheat and white breads are loaded with preservatives, GMO's, added sugars, and. artificial flavoring and coloring.   

Sprouted Grain Bread (Ezekiel Bread): 

Contains NO FLOUR 
Technically is made from vegetables.  In order to sprout a grain, you soak it until it becomes a little plant! 
Easier to digest 
Is Gluten Free 
Contains more Protein 

I can't remember the last time I bought anything other than Ezekiel Bread.  Ezekiel offers a lot of other "bread like" products and I use them all... Sliced bread, hamburger buns, muffins, tortillas and more!   This an easy switch to make and it's nice because you eat carbs and bread... GUILT FREE! 

Earth Balance Butter VS. Butter or Margarine 

Earth Balance Butter is a dairy-free butter spread that contains NO artificial ingredients. It's made from expeller- pressed oils and has the same rich, creamy, taste and texture of regular butter.  It's Vegan, Lactose Free, Gluten Free,  0g Trans Fat, Casein Free,  and Non GMO.  I haven't stopped using this product since I first tried it years ago.  It's nice to put on toast, cook with, and more! 

Coconut Milk or Almond Milk VS. Milk 

Unsweetened milk alternatives (coconut and almond milk) contains less calories than cows milk.  For example, 1 cup of almond milk contains 40 calories per cup whereas skim cows milk contains 90 calories.  Cows milk also contains a higher amount of carb.  In a cup of cow's milk, there are around 12 grams of carbs whereas unsweetened almond milk contains less than 1 carb per cup.  Almond milk is right in heart healthy polyunsaturated fats while cows milk is mostly saturated fat.  Both almond and coconut milk are delicious.  It may take some getting use to at first if you are one who loves their glass of milk but your heart, health, and tummy will thank you!  You can enjoy a glass guilt-free, pour of over cereal, use it in a smoothie, cook/ bake with it and more! 

Eat Pastry Cookie Dough VS.  Regular Cookie Dough

If there's one thing I can't live without.. it's cookies... and cookie dough.  I discovered Eat Pastry awhile ago and since then it's my favorite treat to pick up on the weekends.  This is a great guilt-free dessert and I promise that you will be impressed with the taste! 

Eat Pastry is: 
Gluten Free 
No: dairy, eggs, cholesterol, artificial flavors, or hydrogen oils.  

Other products: Chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter cookie dough, oatmeal raisin chocolate chip, sugar cookie dough, and snickerdoodle.  

Quinoa VS. Brown Rice

Brown rice is often thought of as the healthy alternative but Quinoa has been giving brown rice a run for it's money when it comes to being the healthiest grain.  

Quinoa has : 
More Protein 
Less Carbs 
More Fiber 
More Magnesium 
More Iron 
More Potassium 
More Zinc 
Digests easier 
Naturally Gluten Free 
Packed with Nutrients 
Low Glycemic Index 
Benefits for Metabolic Health  

Alternative uses:  Fried "Rice",  Quinoa Cookies, Hot "Oat" Quinoa Cereal, Quinoa Breakfast Pancakes, Salads, Cakes and Fritters, Quinoa Bites, Quinoa Burgers, Quinoa "Tater" Tots, and more. 

Please keep in mind that these are simply my personal suggestions formed from my own experiences with my weight loss journey.  Making these small changes worked for me.  I have been able to maintain the 40 lbs I lost by sticking to these changes I made in my diet.  I was always a big yo-yo dieter... I would try something for a few months and then revert back to my old eat habits.  This is why it was so important for me to find healthy alternatives that I could use for the rest of my life! 

I can't wait to share part 2 with you later this week! 

Always keep striving to become the best version of yourself and make the most out of the last few months we have left this year!