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Monday, April 20, 2015

6 simple steps to better skin without beauty products

6 simple steps to better skin without beauty products 

Throughout my juicing journey, I have done a significant amount of research on food.  What I’ve learned over the past few years has been quite astonishing and life changing.  More so than ever, I REALLY believe that “Beauty can be greatly enhanced through inner nutrition” -Kimberly Snyder 

To be honest, my skin care regimen isn't all that intense or expensive.  I wash my face everyday with a good facial cleanser and I use an inexpensive face lotion after. (click here for skin products I use) Since I started juicing and changing my overall diet, I have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin.  I really couldn't tell you the last time I “broke out” … and I very rarely even get a zit.  

Food really changes us from the inside out.  If we start focusing on what we are feeding our bodies, we can change everything about ourselves from the inside out.  Instead of spending money on beauty products, try shifting the focus to what you are buying in the grocery store!  You can literally eat your way to flawless skin.  Keep in mind that your skin is typically a product of the foods you eat.


This step is pretty simple.  Our bodies and skin NEED moisture.  Dehydration causes the skin to look old, dry, and tired.  Water also helps flush toxins out of the body.  So, drink up buttercup!  Try to drink 6-8 cups of water daily.  

Start every day with a green juice or smoothie 

In my opinion, this is the most important step for SEVERAL reasons.  The first being that fruits and veggies contain a very high level of antioxidants.  We need antioxidants in our system to fight the free radicals that we are surrounded by.  Free radicals cause skin damage mainly due to sunlight and pollution.  Secondly, our bodies naturally detox each night; therefore by starting your day off with a detoxing drink, you are prolonging that cleansing process.  

Drink more green tea 

Green tea is filled with antioxidants, which helps fight free radicals. Green tea also contains anti-inflamitory properties which helps reduce redness and irritations of the skin!  Green tea is extremely beneficial and I highly recommend making it a part of your daily routine! 
Exercise for at least 15 minutes every single day 

Exercising increases circulation and moves oxygen throughout the body. This correlates with glowing skin and keeps the complexion clear.  You don’t have to do any crazy exercise, just try and raise your heart rate at least once every day.  

Limit, if not cut out completely, smoking and alcohol consumption 

Smoking and drinking are two ways to get older looking skin ASAP.  They both contribute significantly to wrinkles, tired, and old looking skin.  For youthful skin, try to limit your intake.  

Get a full nights rest 

We hear a lot about how important it is to get a full nights sleep.  If you are struggling with acne or other skin problems, getting a full 7-8 hours is more important than ever!  Each night our body detoxes naturally.  Our skin actually works on repairing itself during our resting period.  If we don't get that full 7-8 hours of sleep, we are cutting our natural detoxing mechanism, short.  Also, a lack of sleep also causes stress on the body, which is a main cause of acne.  

Try to start focusing more on what you’re putting into your body rather than what you’re putting on it.  When you can make this shift, you will start to notice a difference not only with your skin, but also with your hair, nails, weight, and more.  You will notice that your overall being is changing and that you are now “Sparking From The Inside Out”


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